Finance & Value Proposition

Value Proposition

The reduction of food waste is an ever-present problem in our contemporary societies. We believe the best way to respond to it is to responsibilise the very actors concerned by it: us, you. As such, our project aims at teaching students how to cook while wasting as little as possible. This is made possible by our very special teachers: grandmothers and grandfathers, people who have cooked their entire life and know how to cook with seasonal products, in adapted quantities, and for a low price.
This project also incidentally aims at creating a social bond between students and the elderly, too often excluded if not from our daily lives, then from our society.
In short, this project is both economically satisfying for students, socially useful for the elderly, and beneficial for society as a whole.

Key Resources

The Key resources we currently have are our filming and video editting skills, our ability to use social networks and most importantly our access to a community of interested students as can be seen in our survey of Sciences Po Students.

The last resource that is crucial for this project is to find a network of potential teachers that fit the concept of our project.

Cost Structure

Food expenditures : 13 859,19 €

Grandmother salaries: 7 709,96 €

Total Costs: 21 569,15 €

“Food expenditures are calculated on a basis of 4,4€ of food per person per session, with 260 forecasted students and 12 sessions per student per year. Grandmother salaries are based on the French minimum wage (9,88€/hour) and on a forecasted number of sessions of 780,36 (4 students per session).”

Revenue Streams

We considered two revenue streams:

  1. A 4€/month suscription by the students. 260*4 = 12 480,00€.
  2. Private and public grants (respectively 5 453,49€ and 3 635,66€).

The idea of making the sessions free by asking the students to bring their own ingredients has been considered, yet it seemed complicated to then pay the grandmothers and it did not seem convenient from a practical and logicistical point of view.