Building plastic-free future in the beauty industry

Consumer awarness around product and packaging is changing rapidly and the sustainable future demands innovation. The future of retail needs to adapt and to offer smart, sustainable practices and think about the mass market.

The Beauty industry generates a lot of plastic waste and it is crucial to find effective solution to this issue. This project rethinks, reinvents and challeges the plastic use in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It brings a new concept to the sector offering eco-friendly, zero waste and sustainable principles on a mass scale.

Our services

We are offering consultcy services in sustainability development. We work with companies to set direction and design to implement sustainability strategy that drives business values.

We focus on the beauty and cosmetic industry, especially in the area of eco-friendly and zero waste packacking. Our main project consist in the proposition of refill cosmetic stations in specific beauty and skin care stores, inspired by “zero-waste” shops. Customers will be able to buy high quality containers or bring their own jars and fill them with products that they desire. This will extend the packaging life-cycle and reduce the amount of one-use, disposable plastic packaging.